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Solar PV Installers Lyme Regis

Based just over the hill in Colyton, Flex Eco Services are well positioned for the Lyme Regis market. If you are looing for solar pv installers Lyme Regis then look no further.

Solar PV System Design

Your roof and your predominant aspect determines the design and position of your solar PV array. We will take all of the variables into account and position your solar system for best results. If you have a large garden facing south with no tree cover then you might be able to install the solar pv array there instead of your roof. If you do have garden space for a solar pv array you can take advantage of a tilting system so that the solar panels always face the sun at the correct angle.

Solar PV Installation

Once we have deisgned your system and you have chosen the type and style of solar pv panels you would like, we can then start installing your system. A typical 4kWh system will only take a few days to install. Before you know it you wil have solar panels generating electicity, an inverter to convert the generated DC (direct cutrrent) electricity into usable AC (alternate current) so your home and appliances can use it.

Solar PV Extras

We offer some solar pv extras to make the most of the electricity you generate for yourself. The Immersun will redirect unused electricity and instead of exporting it back to the grid, it is used to heat your water. Yes you read that correctly, your solar PV array can be used to heat your water just like a solar thermal system would.

Servicing and Maintenance

Of course, since you have spent a fair amount on your solar pv system you will want it to perform for you year after year. We offer a repair and maintenance service and can visit regularly to make sure ytour system is performing at its best.

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