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Solar Panel (PV) Installers

I don’t believe we have mentioned that as well as being experienced electricians, we are also expert solar panel installers. These two skills go hand in hand.

We have the necessary accreditiation with the NICEIC and with MCS. See the logos in the footer of each page.

Solar Panels PV

There are two types of solar panels for your roof. Thermal panels heat your hot water with the suns energy – these are the domain of plumbers and since we are electricians we design and install the other solar panels, the PV (PhotoVoltaic) type. These solar panels take energy form the sun and via an inverter convert the suns energy into electricity. Since electricity is used for a variety of appliances in the home the PV solar panels are extremely useful. With a bit of adapting they can also be used to heat your hot water via an Immersun.

Solar PV Maintenance & Servicing

Once you have had your solar panels fitted you may want to keep them running as efficiently as possible. We offer a servicing and maintenance scheme so you can keep getting the most out of your solar pv panels. Sometimes connections come loose, panels get covered with bird droppings or leaves. Anything obscuring the sunlights path to the panel will reduce its efficiency.

Give Matt or Shaun a call today to schedule a servicing routine for your solar panels.

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