Has your solar PV installer gone out of business?

When the renewable energy bubble was growing and the government feed-in-tariff payback was at it’s highest, everyone jumped on the solar pv bandwagon; renewable energy specialists, electricians, traders and it seemed like the green sector was going to continue to build until the whole country was powered by green energy.

Then the government pulled the plug, the feed-in-tariff was reduced and suddenly the prospect of having solar panels wasn’t so appealing. This led to a decrease in the number of domestic solar pv arrays being installed, and with fewer customers the businesses that had popped up, popped off again. For many people with a solar pv array on their roofs this was alarming because the people who installed it went out of business and there was apparently nobody to turn to.

Enter Flex Eco Services

If you found that the original installers of your solar pv system wentout of business and you have nobody to turn to, we would be delighted to offer you help, advice and support. It doesn’t matter who initially installed your system, we can help you to loook after it.

Our experience tells us that a properly maintained system helps you get the most out of it in terms of return on investment and efficiency and that an annual visit will in most cases be sufficient.

Contact Matt or Shaun today to get your solar pv array back to it’s best.