Enter Flex Eco Services

Matt Horne Electrician has now evolved into a new entity. Matt Horne partnered with a colleague from a previous job, Shaun Gough. This new venture is called, as you may have guessed, Flex Eco Services.

With the alternative renewable technologies now powering many peoples homes it became clear that an electricians work will inevitably lead at some point to repair and maintenance of solar and other renewable technologies. This is where qe are uniquely positioned.

Enter Shaun Gough. Shaun has worked in the solar sector for over 5 years and with Matt for the last few. He specialises in renewable technologies and his speciality is solar pv.

The natural next step was to convert the established Matt Horne Electrical Services business into something which could cater for the burgeoning renewable sector while complimenting the core business of electrical and electrician services.

We have rebranded, we have a new logo which you may have noticed at the top of the website, our vans are freshly sign written, our business cards are printed our jackets emblazoned. We are Flex Eco Solutions and we are open for business.

Where would you like to go now?

Flex Eco Services Colyton Devon