Energy Efficient Electric Heating

There are literally thousands of homes in the UK today with old style storage heaters and many of them have come to the end of their useful life. This leaves the householder in a quandary with what system to install. Generally the only option available is Oil or replacement storage heaters. Both these options have very expensive running costs and the cost of installing oil is prohibitive and very disruptive. Also the new regulations with regard to oil storage mean that a large part of your garden can be taken up by a huge oil tank. Storage heaters are still large and bulky inflexible and expensive to run and don’t heat your house to a constant temperature.

Old Fashioned Storage Heater

Old Fashioned Storage Heater

The Eco Electric Heating System is an economical and flexible energy efficient electric heating system that enables you to replace those ugly, uneconomical, bulky storage heaters with a modern design electric radiator. The conversion will normally take only a day and utilises the existing wiring so minimises disruption and will not require the house to be re-decorated. The Eco Heating Solution is more economical to run than any other form of heating apart from Gas where it works out about the same after the recent price rises. The Eco Heating System enable you to program each and every room by time on and time off and temperature, enabling you to tailor your heating to fit your individual life styles. This flexibility saves energy costs but keeps your house warm and comfortable at the times you need it to, unlike storage heaters.

Energy Efficient Electric Heater

An Energy Efficient Electric Heater

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Storage heaters were historically installed to take advantage of cheaper electricity available at night. If you don’t have access to a gas central heating system and you have existing old storage heaters in place, there are now far more energy efficient varieties on the market ( eco heaters ) – so it is worth swapping them out. In addition, if you are creating your own electricity, installing new storage heaters is an elegant way of maximising the amount of electricity you produce in the home). The price of a new storage heater will start at about £250 and obviously increase depending on the size you are looking to get – which will take advantage of the increased energy efficiency ( and therefore lower bills ) to allow you to install the measures at no upfront cost.


  1. There is unavoidable heating of the property overnight as the heater is charged, which can be wasteful if not required
  2. It is difficult to deal with sudden changes of weather. The amount of ‘charge’ is set the night before, so if you need more heat than expected the next day you will have to use more costly peak time heating. If you overcharge the heater however, you will be wasting electricity generating heat that is not required and overheating your property. If you go out and don’t need to heat the home, the heat will seep out anyway, even if the fan is off so it isn’t a particularly flexible technology
  3. Some companies lock customers into their tariffs by installing non-standard meters. Switching companies for your supplier then becomes prohibitively expensive
  4. The units themselves tend to be large and bulky, although modern heaters are now significantly smaller
  5. The size also dictates how much ‘charge’ the heater can take, so although you can get smaller heaters, they may not be able to provide all the heat you need
  6. The controls can be complicated and therefore it is easy to use the heater inefficiently or ineffectively

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