Commercial PV

Commercial Solar PV Array FlexEco Renewable Services ColytonBusinesses typically use more electricity than domestic households. They also tend to have larger roof spaces and they operate during the day when the sun shines.

Put these three factors together and you have the perfect solution to increasing energy bills. Depending on your electricity requirements it is highly likely that you can produce a significant proportion of your electricity needs which over time translates to a reduction in business overheads and running costs.
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Enter Flex Eco Services

Matt Horne Electrician has now evolved into a new entity. Matt Horne partnered with a colleague from a previous job, Shaun Gough. This new venture is called, as you may have guessed, Flex Eco Services.

With the alternative renewable technologies now powering many peoples homes it became clear that an electricians work will inevitably lead at some point to repair and maintenance of solar and other renewable technologies. This is where qe are uniquely positioned.

Enter Shaun Gough. Shaun has worked in the solar sector for over 5 years and with Matt for the last few. He specialises in renewable technologies and his speciality is solar pv.
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Exmouth Electrical Services

I’ve worked in the East Devon area for over 15 years now. In that time I have worked in most of the towns between my home in Colyton and Exeter. Exmouth with its history of pirates in the 17th century and voyages by Sir Walter Raleigh which left it’s harbour, seems to speak to the many people that frequent it. From it’s residents and workers to the people that summer here Exmouth is one of, if not the, oldest holiday resort in the UK.
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Electrician in Sidmouth, Devon

As we sit eating our sandwiches on the seafront at Sidmouth, we suddenly realise just how lucky we are. Not many people get to take their breaks in such beautiful locations by the sea. With Herring Gulls at their feet and the fresh sea air filling their lungs. We overheard someone saying that the retired poet laureate John Betjemen once described Sidmouth in a poem – “Farewell, seductive Sidmouth by the sea, Older and more exclusive than Torquay, Sidmouth in Devon, you’re the town for me!”. While eating our lunch we tended to agree with him. But if it had been raining and if we were forced inside, or if a Herring Gul stole our sandwiches, we may have had a very different view.
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